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Aamir Liaquat Video with explicit language released on the Internet

A video (Aamir Liaquat Video) appeared on the internet especially on the youtube with a title “real face of Amir Liaqat Hussain or Amir Liaqat Hussain ki Haqeeqat ” expose Aamir Liaquat using explicit language. This Aamir Liaquat Video first appeared on the YouTube at the URL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nfShakCt8k on August 14th, 2011. This Aamir Liaquat video got viral promotion via the social media i.e twitter and facebook. YouTube have removed this video from its server and it is also being pulled off from Facebook and other video sharing websites under the copyright infringement claims by Geo TV. Despite this removal from the internet Aamir Liaquat video is still accessible on the internet at many locations as it may have been downloaded and re-uploaded from many computers locally . This video can still be accessed at Teeth Maestro blog post “Jahil Online [Aamir Liaquat Hussain] exposed using Profanity“. According to Aamir Liaquat statement at twitter it is a fake video which is made professionally.

Pakistani blogosphere and discussion forums are completely completely occupied with the stories about

Aamir Liaquat Video

. Many of Aamir Liaquat follower and lovers are in a complete state of shock after listing his explicit language and remarks in this video. Aamir Liaquat have recently moved from Geo TV network to ARY Digital Network. Aamir Liaquat claims in his twitter message

“Since ARY ratings have eaten GEO ratings therefore that channel started a campaign against me to break the records”

Since the availability of this video of Aamir Liaquat on the internet he has become very defensive and claims that

Everyone knows it is a world of technology.. They have manipulated and tempered few clips and dubbed the abusive worlds in my voice

In reply to the above tweet he have got an interesting replies

by @tazeen

@AamirLiaquat Sir ji, how can anyone “dubbed the abusive worlds in my voice.” Theek hai technology hai par ab itnee bhi naheen

by @jndfrq

@AamirLiaquat what about the part where you are answering the question and the other guy also talks ? Get a life and cone to stage dramas

and by @marvihaq

@AamirLiaquat This Ramadan, everyone is thankful for the technology that aids in exposing people like you. 🙂 Jiye technology

Aamir Liaquat claim that his video is dubbed with a different audio can only be judged if he can provide an original audio sample so that his lips and body movement can be matched as suggested by @SamadK

@AamirLiaquat can you give us audio samples of abusive words in your voice so we can compare them with the dubbing?

In this era of social media it has got more power than print and electronic media as it is very difficult to hide facts and stop the information leakage and propagation. Once some information is made available online it is virtually impossible to remove it from the internet.

 Aamir Liaquat Video

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