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Note: The news items posted at PakPoint are taken for discussion and the source of these news are reputed news papers of Pakistan like, Daily Jang, Daily News, Daily Dawn and others.

If you feel any thing objectionable please report us and an immediate action will be taken.

Comments policy
PakPoint Network seek open, educated and civil conversation on its website.

The comments area is sometime moderated. We intend to block those comments and discussions that are indecent, inflammatory, slanderous, uncivil or irrelevant to the discussion itself. However your comments with suggestion and improvements are always welcomed.

PakPoint Network will also monitor for any personal attacks and abusive language. Any such comments will be removed immediately either by the moderation team by them self on on report from the site users .

Please try to post with your name and try to avoid multiple comments with anonymous names. All opinions–including contrary opinions–are always welcomed and appreciated when stated civilly.

If you feel any thing disturbing regarding the whole post or entire article at the PakPoint please report the admin immediately.


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