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Advertisers start facial recognition technology based marketing

facial recognition technologyFacial recognition technology based marketing
has become one of the newest tools in marketing and advertisements.  Now with this technology when you will reach an advertisement playing display it will judge your face with a mounted camera  by scanning your facial features and will show the advertisements suitable to you.

The Venetian resort, hotel and casino in Las Vegas has started using it on digital displays to for customized suggestions of  restaurants, clubs and entertainment to passersby based on facial recognition technology.
A group of U.S. bar owners in Chicago last month started facial recognition technology, in conjunction with mounted cameras, to keep tabs on the male/female ratio and age mixes of their crowds. Adidas is among the companies which are planning to advertise their products using facial recognition technology. This technology is in most use commercially in Japan, where a variety of businesses use it to customize ads.

Adidas is working with Intel to install and test digital walls with facial recognition in a handful of stores either in the U.S. or Britain. If a woman in her 50s walks by and stops, 60% of the shoes displayed will be for females in her age bracket, while the other 40% will be a random sprinkling of other goods.

“If a retailer can offer the right products quickly, people are more likely to buy something,” said Chris Aubrey, vice president of global retail marketing for Adidas.

Facial recognition is already in use by different law enforcing agencies world wide e.g. as it has recently been used in London riots .

Source L. A. Times

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