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Apple launches new iPods completely redesigned

Today at Apple’s annual event in San Francisco, Steve Jobs announces redesigned versions of every flavour of Apple iPod. All are redesigned from the scratch i.e iPod Shuffle, iPod nano and iPod Touch.

The new iPod touch now comes with front and rear camera with a Face Time. Turning back on the previous design, the new iPod shuffle has buttons, plus VoiceOver and Playlists.

Describing the process of designing the new nano, Jobs said: “What can we do? We’d like to make it smaller and we’d like to make it better.”

As a consequence, the new iPod nano is a tiny, multitouch device.

“It’s so small, we’re able to put a clip on it too. So it’s instantly wearable,” Jobs said.

The new iPod touch is even thinner than current model, and this iPod does have a front-facing camera with FaceTime. Like the iPhone 4 is has an HD Retina display: 4X pixels, 326 ppi, 24-bit colour LED. It will run iOS 4.1 with GameCenter, has a 3-axis gyro and a second, rear-facing camera.

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