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Breaking News : Rawalpindi mosque suicide attack toll mounts to 40

At least 40 people martyred and 83 injured which includ children, in the terror attack at Parade Lane mosque in Rawalpindi. DG ISPR has put the death toll to 32.

A portion of the mosque caved in as a result of the attack. The fire and hand grenade attack in Rawalpindi mosque left 40 people martyred and 83 others injured, RPO Rawalpindi Aslam Tarin said. The attackers, who used ladders to
clamber over the walls of the Jamia Masjid near Parade Lane, lobbed
grenades and fired indiscriminately at worshippers. They also exchanged
fire with the mosque’s security guards.

Rescue operation has been completed in and around the mosque and all the bodies and wounded shifted to different hospitals.

Search operation continues in the residential area around the mosque where all the buildings are being combed by security forces.

Security forces have seized a car at the site of the incident, which is suspected to have been used for carrying the terrorists to their target point.

Sources say that three of the terrorists were also killed by the security forces’ retaliatory firing.

Military helicopters hovered over the attack site following the attack.

The incident took place when at least six to seven gunmen entered the Parade Lanes mosque located near Qasim market. They threw hand grenades followed by indiscriminate firing. Security forces stationed there opened retaliatory fires.

A large number of people were present inside the mosque when the blasts went off.

Ambulances of 1122 and Pak Army ferried the injured to Military Hospital, CMH and other nearby hospitals.

Security forces have blocked Peshawar Road and Marri Road for all kinds of vehicular traffic.

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  • Aamir December 5, 2009, 12:20 am

    Innah Lilah Hay Waa Innah Elehi Rajaoon…..very very tragic and shameful act by perpetrators.

  • Taimoor December 5, 2009, 5:53 am

    Essal -e sawb k lya. 1 bar surrat Fatiah 3 bar Qul-o sharif aur 1 bar Darood e Pak parhain. Ameen.

  • Sulaiman December 5, 2009, 9:11 am

    These Talibans are the biggest fuckers mankind could ever experience in their entire lifetime. They are worse than Hitler, and use the name of so-called Islam to their benefit. What muslim would kill another muslim in the house of Allah?

  • M. Azim December 5, 2009, 7:55 pm

    My deep sorrow for parents, relatives and friends of those who become martyr in the Masque at Rawalpindi. May God bless to their soul and give them place in Jannah’t AAmeen. Of course those who have attacked on them are killer of humanitty and they know nothing about Islam. This is all due to lack of real leadership in the Pakistan. After the death of Quaid-E-Azam ‘R’ majority of leaders except few were corrupt and looters and they still exist.
    These leaders had no vision no plan for the future of Pakistan. What they had been sowing since many years they are now reaping !

  • ahmad January 20, 2010, 7:12 pm

    these talibans are non muslims they are curse to world these ppl are declared non muslims by ulemas they are equal to kafare makkah and should be treated like them

  • annie April 17, 2010, 8:10 am

    Talibans are not muslims at all. They are just enemy agents who have mission to spoil image of Islam in front of world.

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