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macOS is the new name of of Apple OSX operating system. Apple at WWDC 2016 in San Francisco on June 13, 2016 have announced to rename OSX to macOS. This new name is in line with Apple other OS names (tvOS, iOS, watchOS 3). Here we have few macOS Sierra  tips and tricks  Click the apple [...]


D-Link offers a variety of networking products that range from access point, network switches, network adaptors, wireless router, wireless antenna and wireless adopter. There is a variety of different WiFi routers offered by D-Link with most of them having similar interface for their internal software settings. The default IP address of most of the D-link [...]


The default IP address of  TP-Link wireless router is . For some tp link models tp link ip address is  If you are browsing this page via your tp link wifi router you can click here to mange your router  or In addition to the tp link router ip it can also be [...]


If due to some internet restriction or due to some proxy setting you are unable to update AVG antivirus 2012 from within the software automatic update option, you can always update it manually. In order to update the software manually first of all download the latest virus definitions from http://free.avg.com/us-en/download-update . Now say the downloaded [...]


Sometime one may face the situation when a particular iPad app may freez on the screen. Now you may wish to soft rest your iPad to quit the freezing application. There is a very easy way how to perform a soft reset of iPad. Simply hold the top (power) and bottom front (home) button for [...]


If you have a file with .tar.bz2 extension you can easily unzip it with a tar command on the commandline. Here is the actual commandtar -xvjpf filename.tar.bz2In addition .bz files can also be opened / unzip with a bunzip2 command as follow. However this command will only work if you have already bunzip2 installed. bunzip2 [...]


It was earlier reported that Pakistan Govt is planning to ban import of used computers.  Now adviser to the Prime Minister on Information Technology Sardar Latif Khosa has dispelled the impression that there is a ban on the import of used computers.The IT Adviser said access to information was a fundamental right of every human [...]

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