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Corkulous for iPad an ultimate idea board

iPad is a magical device? Yes it is ! but it is nothing without some good apps. Today I found a great app called Corkulous™ for iPad which convert your iPad into a fully functional idea board. I find it a very usefull tool to enhance your productivity. This app provide you with some tools in the Corkulous which can be used to put your notes, ideas, todo, labels, pictures, contacts and much more staright on the board. Here is a screenhot what I have tried with this app. You can also add more boards not only this actually you can embed other cork boards to the existing one. It also give you flexibility to resize different items i.e notes, images, labels also you can adjust font size. If you have created a nice board filled with ideas and for some silly reasons you do not want to carry your iPad with you do not worry you can always export the board as an PDF to your desktop computer. This seems to be a very simple to use app which offer you full capibilities to enhance your managent and organization. This app is avilable in the app store and cost only 3.99 USD.

Find here a copy of official statment and video of this app.

Corkulous™ idea board for the iPad gives you an incredible new way to collect, organize, and share your ideas.

Corkulous is available on the App Store at the incredible price of $3.99 USD! We have many awesome features planned; price may change as new features are added. Existing users will get updates free.

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