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Explosions in Saudi Arabian Cities Qatif, Jeddah and Medina

attacks in saudi arabian citiesExplosions in Saudi Arabian Cities, Two explosions shook the city of Qatif in eastern Saudi Arabia. Witnesses said body parts could be seen in the area of the blast.

On Monday morning, a suicide bomber carried out an attack near a U.S. diplomatic site in the western Saudi city of Jiddah. Two explosions are reported in Qatif.  A witness said one explosion destroyed a car parked near a mosque, followed by another explosion just before 7 p.m. local time. Body parts could be seen and they are believed to be that of an attacker, the witness added. Residents told AFP that a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a Shiite mosque in eastern Saudi Arabia on Monday. “Suicide bomber for sure. I can see the body” which was blasted to pieces, said a witness to the attack in the Shiite-populated city of Qatif. A suicide bomber launched an attack Monday in the Saudi Arabian city of Medina, killing four people and wounding another, according to an official with knowledge of the event. This is the third attack in the country in the last 24 hours.

There are also reports in social media that there was no suicide attack on masjid nab as it was twas just a short circuit which lead to fire in a building near Masjid e Nabvi.


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