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How to blog from an iPad ?

Apple new magical device iPad is a cool gadget. If you are a blogger you may wish to use this device for your blogging need as well as this can really make you a very proactive blogger with a capability to post your blog on the go, even when you are in travel. iPad itself does not have any in built capability to blog out of the box. However I found a very fantastic app called blogpress (which I am write now using while typing this message) to make me able to blog from my iPad. I have tried wordpress app before using this app but that app was not up to the standard of blogging needs for a blogger.

Blogpress offer you out of the box everything what you need for your blogging needs. Here are few features listed below which I found very useful.

1. It offer you a very nice what you see what you get interface
2. Ability to insert photos to your blog. Not only a single photo but you can insert multiple pictures
3. Ability to fully customized size and alignment of the pictures inserted to the blog post
4. You can select from your own blog, picasa or flicker server for image hosting.
5. Ability to save a local or online draft.
6. You can adjust the publishing date, categories and tags for your blogpost.
7. You can also embed and upload videos in your blogpost.
8. Ability to append a signature in your blogpost
9. You can also geo tag your posts
10. You can review your old posts and can Lao edit them.

One thing which I find missing is the HTML source editing for a blogpost but I am so happy with the functionality of this app that I did not find any reason to use HTML source editing. If you own an iPad and you are a blogger then you may consider having blogpress in your device. If you are interested in this app you may find more features about this in the app store.

– Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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