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iPhone 5 released date revealed August 7

iPhone 5 release date in 2012iPhone 5 released date is revealed as August 7, 2012 i.e on Tuesday (Rumor Mill). If we look at the release date for iPhone 4S back in 2011 it was released on October 4 just a day before Apple co-founder Steve Jobs passed away from this world. Earlier iPhone 5 was excepted to be released in 2011, but apple released iPhone 4s.  iPhone 5 will come with iOS 6 installed. Apple’s WWDC 2012 event in early June have shown the new features of iOS 6. According to analyst Shaw Wu, the Cupertino firm has reduced the new sales of iPhone by 20%-25% for this quarter ahead of iPhone 5 release.  Now one question still remained unanswered that if Apple will retain the name iPhone 5 for its next release of iPhone handset or will surprise the world with some different name as it happened in 2011 when iPhone 4 was released.  It is important to mention that Apple have already filed a complaint to gain the ownership of iPhone5.com URL.

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