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Steve Jobs on iPhone 4 antenna: “we are working on it

Apple CEO and co-founder steve jobs has told to one of his fan that this is a few days of rumors” but also acknowledged that there’s an issue. “We are working on it,” . The iPhone 4’s frame-as-antenna design has proven to be an increasing problem of public image for Apple, as customers have been concerned that they might be forced to get a case to maintain reception i.e iPhone 4 bumber.  In-depth looks have primarily characterized the grip-related, sharp drops in signal as dependent on hardware, but both Jobs and a reportedly silenced support post have implied that Apple might have a solution in a firmware update. If true, it would help the iPhone switch to a better signal faster and avoid a connection drop.

Publicly, the company’s official policy is to deny problems, but it’s under pressure to deliver a fix as it now faces lawsuits accusing it of misleading customers. Both Motorola and Nokia have exploited the bug to their advantages by noting that their phones are designed to be used in any position.


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