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Lahore Ravi bank residents get first warning

LAHORE – District Coordination Officer Lahore Sajjad Ahmed Bhutta while expressing apprehensions regarding chances of flood in River Ravi has warned the residents of low-lying areas along the river to prepare for a possible evacuation as a precautionary measure.
Talking to TheNation on Sunday, the DCO said he had put officials of the concerned departments on alert in order to cope with the flood situation in River Ravi and to prepare for relief activities.
Following his directions, the officials have also started setting up relief and medical camps near the low-lying residential localities and villages. Although there is no information of flood in the River Ravi yet the warning was issued in order to mentally prepare the people.
Bhutta said though there was no flood-like situation in River Ravi at the moment, nor the Indian authorities had issued any warning in this regard, yet there was a greater likelihood of floodwater entering Pakistan in the coming days as monsoon had not receded yet.
“Flood can hit the City any time in case the India releases water from its dams without informing us before time as they had done so many times in the past. We are taking defensive measures only,” he added.
He further said these measures were being taken in order to minimise the possible loss because people of various flood-hit areas had not been warned before time. As a result, the floods ravaged villages and cities, inflicting heavy losses to life and property.
It has also been learnt that officials of the concerned towns and other departments have started awareness campaign through announcements in mosques.
Earlier, the DCO had issued a notification in this regard declaring 64 villages of Lahore District sensitive regarding flood, banning construction of any housing societies or factories. Via The NEWS

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