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List of product and features apple announced on Sept 01, 2010

iOS 4.1

iOS 4.1 is coming out next week for iPhone and iPod Touch! Free download via iTunes. Bug Fixed

High Dynamic Range photos

HD video upload over WiFi, at last.

Game Center

iOS 4.2 for iPad coming in November

Everything that was in 4.1

Wireless printing will be coming to iPad.



iPod Updates: Three New Devices fully redesigned

Apple is releasing a new iPod Shuffle has buttons

iPod Nano, a device that Steve called “super popular.” It is now a touchscreen device that features multi-touch. “It’s very tiny”

New iPod Touch that is even slimmer than before.

Apple announced a new iPod Touch that is even slimmer than before.

iTunes 10 And other Updates

iTunes 10, coming out soon,

Apple ping soicial network

Apple TV

Hollywood Movies and TV shows

Apple TV is smaller

HD movie rentals

Stream Netflix

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