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Members of Punjab Assembly Pakistan

Members of Punjab Assembly PakistanMembers of Punjab Assembly Pakistan. City 42 present an exclusive video of the Members of Punjab Assembly Pakistan. It can be seen in this video how sincere is this leadership with public. Most of the members of the Punjab Assembly are sleeping or playing with paper toys. They do not show any seriousness in their attitude. Same is true for the Female members of the Punjab Assembly, Pakistan

[flashvideo filename=”http://v.8mv.net/2010/jan/pa31.flv” /]

Watch Video of the Members of Punjab Assembly Pakistan

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  • zaman99 February 1, 2010, 12:00 am

    I appreciate for this pageantry for this episode. I don’t blame the MNAs but I do blame the peoples who have selected them.

    May Allah (SBT) bless the country .. Pakistan.

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