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Mobilink DONE with Creative Ideas!

mobilink_employees_job_cutI’m simply shocked to see that Mobilink’s recently launched ‘jazba’ the logo of which is 100% copied from a tutorial http://abduzeedo.com/creating-crazy-cool-logo .

This was revealed when I was generally searching on Google for one of my marketing project of MBA.





How is it possible that a company like Mobilink is ‘all done’ with creative ideas! At another time I got quite impressed how wonderfully Mobilink has copied the idea without even putting any effort to it.

I think my class-fellows and I are simply stupid that we usually spend a lot of time to search on different sites for our assignments. We should rather follow the so called leader of Pakistan’s telecom market which will save our time to become a leader like Mobilink.

Basit Muzamil

MBA Student

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