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Mobilink following ufone as a follower

Face is the index of mind and advertisement of a brand is the index of the brand. It gave me a rude shock to see how so called leaders of Telecom industry, Mobilink has changed its strategy and now resorted to making funny ads little realizing though that this domain exclusively belongs to Ufone.

Mobilink has recently launched a new offer through their ad which is exactly on the same pattern which Ufone is carrying for the last three years. This cheating not only shows that Mobilink creative team is simply out of ideas for which they are exactly following the footprints of Ufone, but also unveils the desperation within the ranks of Mobilink and how their brand is failing by having a very shaky stance and no spine to hold the fort in place.

Now Tom cannot do Harry’s bidding and neither Dick can do Tom’s. Earlier, Mobilink also came under fire for using Indian models and making Indian ads which are obviously received with suspicion in Pakistan given the fragile cultural sensitivities of two countries.

Ufone ads are made by Pakistanis with Pakistani actors as the brand is indigenous but since Mobilink is not ‘indigenous’ its ads and themes are also borrowed. What is the point in calling oneself ‘Industry Leader’ when ‘block heads’ simply cannot float a new idea and resort to ‘trespassing’ into indigenous domains little realizing that public in Pakistan doesn’t like ‘intrusion’ in domain of others and proudly associates itself with local brand saying ‘Tum hi to Hu’.

Rabia Kamaal

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