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PU Syndicate members boycotted Syndicate meeting

javed sami University of the punjab syndicate memberLAHORE: Terming it illegal under the ‘look-after’ vice chancellor and ‘VC incapable of running PU affairs’

Members of the syndicate showed their concern on the deployment of armed guards by the Punjab University administration against its own teachers for the syndicate meeting. In continuation of the anger that disrupted during the last meeting of the syndicate on June 18, members including Javed Sami and Shamaila Gull strongly condemned the act of the PU administration for filing an application against a few faculty members, including two syndicate members, with terrorism charges. They said that convening the syndicate meeting with look-after charge of the VC was completely unlawful and calling armed guards against teachers’ shows that Dr Mujahid Kamran has become totally incapable of running and controlling the PU affairs. The syndicate meeting agenda included the budget for the fiscal year 2016-17 along with other agenda items related to TTS faculty members’ selection board and increments. On refusal to the request of syndicate members for taking up only budget and increment related agenda items, as they pertain to day-to-day affairs, Javed Sami and Shamaila Gull boycotted the meeting, deeming it as unlawful. Shamaila Gull also told the correspondent that while she was protesting against fake application against a few teachers by the PU administration, Dr Mujahid Kamran threatened to remove her from the committee room through armed guards. The look-after VC was condemned for this attitude

University of the Punjab syndicate-members-boycott-pu-syndicate-meeting

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