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rtd. Genral Parvaiz Musharaf Talking With Media

rtd. Genral Parvaiz Musharaf Talking With Media Regarding the Article 6, China Tour and Emirate Tours

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  • Dr Tahir Rao Montreal Canada March 30, 2009, 1:34 am

    how rudely He talk still feel like he is COAS

  • Asad March 30, 2009, 2:03 am

    You call that rude?
    that is how an Army man talks…that is not rude. That is called speaking with influence and authority…

    idiot bugger!

  • Rabia huq March 30, 2009, 9:27 am

    @Dr RAO
    U r completely out of line here.Musharraf spoke strongly and did not twitter or dodge the questions like the rest of our leaders do.
    He defended like always the state institutions,and what you had the audacity to call rude ,is a patriotic man speaking through his heart,who steered the country through many storms and kept it safer than it is today.A man who has served the army for 42 yrs will speak like one and so what??
    Plz go do some homework and chck out how he defended Pakistan and its armed forces all alone in a hostile and hawkish environment ..U will come out reformed i hope.And just a suggestion please visit Pakistan and see how the general awam is faring under elected reps right now?U will get a correct picture.

  • Syed Hussain March 30, 2009, 2:12 pm

    I agree Ms Huq, he really talked like a true Pakistani. You could see again that some media elements were trying to trial a person during interview. As I mentioned on this website earlier that there should be some boundaries and norms for media person while interviewing. They should not try to implicate a person like a media trial situation. There are very good journalists in our media and I would again emphasize that they should come forward and prepare a policy guideline for new comers in electronic media. The media managers should arrange refresher courses for newcomers as they go live in the field. Managers should constantly check, review and guide them to enhance their professionalism.

  • Adnan Arshad Mansoori July 10, 2010, 7:01 pm

    In response of this incorporated News — I ask to Musharraff & to his followers a question this Man namely Musharraf is responsible to fuel the Fire in my beloved Country plus he used to be the companion of Mastermind of NRO — kindly describe the followings in detail till-to-date whenever Army of our beloved Country stood against with their own PEOPLE at the end result the Pak Army declared the ever gotten SUCCEED especially by hearts & minds? e.g.

    1967 to ‘71 at East Pakistan with Mukti Bhani Element at the end result they were supported by Indian through the Calcutta based route.

    At Baluchishtan Bugti killed then appeared BLF they’ve been supporting by Indian Consulate Generals direct from Afghanistan.

    Jamia Hafza – Ghazi Rasheed – Lal Masjid even Forces Personnel could not wear & appear in their respectful Uniform at Rawalpindi & Islamabad at Roads just thereafter the limit was crossed even at Cantonment Area. Pls. keep in mind Maulana Aziz’s Brother is in full swing again now a days with his family plus his company will again stand up against the activities of American Embassy in Islamabad.

    Karachi was tried to suppressed & crushed with full force by Pak Army to MQM between mid 80s to 1999 over-there again no any Army Personnel could not visit any place during this period openly the hatred with Army on its peak.

    Right now in the matter of Taliban/Alqaida the history of Pak Army is being repeated likewise MQM treatment.

    B U T: The entire nation was standing behind their Soldiers only in 1965 when they were facing to India instead of killing own Muslim Brothers & Sisters.

    *Miyar = Standard
    *Ahkamat = Standing Orders of Allah Jj & his Beloved Rasool
    *Bhagawat-o-Farar = Not to Obey Standing Orders rather adopted always rebellious Stance that is why always faced humiliated defeat.

    Kiya Yehi Raih Gia Hay Iss Pak Army Kee Bahduri Ka *Miyar-
    Allah Jj Aur Rasool Ss Kay *Ahkamat Say —*Bhagawat-o-Farar-
    Apnee Awam Ko Aghwa Kurna – Aur Phir Jhoot Pur Israr-o-Takrar-
    British Sterling Ponds Aur American $ Pur Kiya Hogee – Jaan Nisar-
    Apnay Hee HUM WATAN Ko Marnay Kay Lee-ay Hamaisha — Taiyar-

  • Raza M.Qureshi July 18, 2010, 2:43 pm

    It is only two Army Chief known as Army Chief of Pakistan,one is Gen Ayub Khan & the second one is Gen Pervez Musharaf. As long as “Baqiyat” of these corupt politcians & Mullahs/Moulvees exists they may not remember these two dignities but remaining honest & sincere Pakistanis will always remember them. These two Generals were sincere,honest & daring other wise rest of Generals either were corrupt or cowards, like the present Army Chief, who has closed his eyes on the present situation and let free the present barbarians to ruin the whole nation and the country.

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