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School of Leadership fully geared up for Young Leaders Conference 2010

Lahore: 28 June, 2010 -The long awaited “Young Leaders Conference 2010” is starting in Karachi on July 1, 2010.

The 6-day conference is an annual event organized by the School of Leadership (SoL). It offers dynamic experiential education that focuses on economic development along with the opportunity to learn from and exchange ideas with national and international top business leaders, government representatives, diplomats, policy-makers, lobbyists, journalists and academics.

The conference focuses on theme-based learnings and activities with present day socio-economic challenges. The theme ‘Suno Ke Mein Hun JAWAN’ promises to cultivate the hidden flair in the youth.

YLC 2010 believes in the potential existing in the youth and therefore this conference is designed, coordinated and facilitated by Ms. Rabia Salam, along with a youthful team of highly enthusiastic individuals from all areas of Pakistan. The conference team consists of Mr. Kamran Rizvi, Director, SoL; Ms Shireen Naqvi, CEO, SoL and Ms Saima Khan, COO, SoL.

More than sixty experts; renowned gurus and specialists from Pakistan and abroad will facilitate the diverse program, ranging from socio-political to intercultural, development and enterpreneural leadership. The speakers will share valuable insights that will be of great assistance to the participants in all walks of life.

Since 2002, YLC has contributed over 1,900 young leaders to our global landscape, besides over 300 change agents. Their combined force has further influenced over 200,000 individuals to bring positive change in communities.

Various private and social sector organizations are partners with SoL in this initiative.


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