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Telenor Cheap Calls for Saudia Arabia

telenor_saudi_arabia_ppn.57Telenor Pakistan has offered cheap long calls for Saudia Arabi for a limited time. Now calling Saudia Arabia will cost 6.49 Rs per 30 seconds for first 5 minutes and after that will cost Rs 5.00 per 30 seconds.

Here are the official details by the Telenor

Keeping up with its tradition of bringing value to subscribers & making it easy for them to stay connected with their loved ones, not only in Pakistan, but abroad as well, Telenor is proud to introduce another amazing IDD offer!

Now all Telenor subscriber can call Saudi Arabia (Mobile) & UAE (Land +Mobile) at Rs. 5+Tax/30 sec after 5 minutes ( 5 after 5).

For first 5 minutes, regular call charges of Rs. 6.49 +Tax/30 sec will be applicable for above destinations.
On Talkshawk A1 & Talkshawk Har Min first 5 minutes will be charged at Rs. 12.98 + Tax/60 sec, while after 5 minutes they will be charged at Rs. 10 + Tax/min.
This offer will be available to subscribers on all price plans (pre-paid + Post paid).
The offers will be available to subscribers by default and they don’t need to subscribe for it.
This is a limited time offer

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