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Telenor’s Irresponsibility Continues!

Advent of technology must not encroach upon the sensitivities of any culture and multi nationals especially those in the business of communication must realize that one-size-fit-all policy does not work globally and acclimatization and cultural compatibility should be a yardstick while rolling out ad campaigns;

I was truly disgusted to see the other day a giant billboard of Telenor in which JIGARS (whose body language and shameless manners implied they do not represent the mainstream youth but a few who led astray) unzipping a jeans outfit with haughty grin on their faces which certainly gives an odd twinge to the on-lookers. A closer scrutiny revealed it was a discount promotion for a Levis store opened at Bank Road Saddar Rawalpindi

This display of shamelessness sank me into introspection and a cold wave ran into my spine when I realized what sort of moral values we are imparting to our new generation. Jews and the whole Western world is afraid of Muslims because we have not thrown religion out of our daily lives and we still embrace it wholeheartedly in our minutest details. Shamelessness depicted in these ads could be a source of contentment for Jews and infidels but where do we stand?

Earlier Telenor bite the dust and had to publicly apologize for one of its ads in which a boy most stubbornly traces down the whereabouts of his female class fellow through mobile internet; girls are portrayed in Telenor ads wearing sleeveless and skimpy outfits to which scores of parents like me have several reservations. Being a worried parent, I request the concerned authorities to take Telenor to task and ask them to behave in consonance of cultural sensitivities of Islamic Republic.

Dr. Faryal Rehman

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  • aslamkhan1960 February 3, 2011, 4:58 pm

    Samaa tv is real best channal samaa team best of luck guys for your hard work ever day stories on deferant tops are amaz and helpfull for society
    media is playing best role for better pakistan.
    Aslam khan

  • aslamkhan1960 February 3, 2011, 5:07 pm

    I will request Samma tv and through Samaa tv please play real helpfull role gauid nation as we all knew our litracy rate and peoples are so superess and depress and underpresure of wealthyraj. please give them knowledge and curage to learn the valu of vote without any fear to choose right leadership.
    deman E-NIC system for vote in pakistan.

    aslam khan

  • aslamkhan1960 February 15, 2011, 5:06 pm

    Singer Rehat Ali detained by Indian authority at the airport alleged of huge amount $$$124000us dollar.Rehat ali was carrying this amount without the declaration of Indian authority most country allowed only$9,999.00usdollrs to carry with any declaration which is understoodable to most people who travel out side Pakistan and I am sure Mr.Rehat ali khan knew as well.India has strict rule about foreign currency to controll money loundring corruption in India so no one is above the law and we all should comply each other country role regulation.(a) In Rehat Ali case his sponsor should be held accounable first in this case he violate his country law and give him sum in cash sponsor should pay for the fine and legal fee or press charges.
    (b) Rehat ali should pay tax on that money accourding to Indian % should be free respectly to go back his country immediatelly .(c) Indian media should know the sinsitivity between the both countries. media should not rush to release the news and give courtsey to the singer privacy case (d) there is deference between detain and arrest legally but most media from both countries headline news was REHAT ALI BEEN ARRESTED was shocked for viewers Rehat Ali is legend papolur worldwide famous singer.
    (e) Indian authority should involved or informed high commission of Pakistan and instead detain him handover to the Pakistan high commission until court process the reason is very clear Mr.Rehat Ali Khan is assets of both countries and EMBASSADOR OF PAKISTAN technically a bridge between India /Pak a massenger of love.
    Indian authority could handle this case a better way and profesionally.
    Indian have no respect for artest in prectically.

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