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Are you looking for thousands of pakistani female mobile numbers

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Are you looking for thousands of Pakistani girls mobile numbersThis website does not provide Pakistani Girls mobile numbers

Many websites including some very famous websites are being visited to find Mobile Numbers for Pakistani Girls. There is craze in Pakistani young generation to exploit Internet to find Pakistani girls mobile number to pass their time using some hourly mobile phone packages. Well this not the case for every young Pakistani. Many young Pakistani are using internet for a positive purpose i.e for the research and education, for business activities for blogging and many other healthy social activities.

There are few Pakistani websites (I will not mentioned their full name and address as I do not want to promote them i.e PkMobil******.com) are exploiting the young generation by making wrong claims that they have phone numbers of hundred of Pakistani girls from Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad and Multan etc. Actually these websites are randomly generating the 7 digits and different fake female names and associate these numbers with the names. Not only this these also have fake pictures too.

Some time these websites do have the real numbers of the girls and these are collected from different sources by illegal means. i.e.

  • Website owner collects these numbers from various sources and put them online i.e from Mobile Top Up Locations
  • Website visitors post numbers of their ex-girlfriends or of those whom they want to tease

Well from Pakistan I can not believe that Pakistani Girls by them self provide these numbers. Anyhow The Pakistani authorities or PTA should take into notice of any website which could be potentiality harmful for our youth.

Please do not post any mobile number in the comments below.

No Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers

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