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Will HP webOS Slate an open challenge to iPad or an iPad killer?

HP had earlier announced that they will also target the tablet computer market with their tablet named as HP Slate based on Microsoft Windows 7 OS. However their project was delayed or stopped after the acquisition of WebOS from palm. Now there are rumors that the HP slate is coming to market late in this year. Here comes some questions will this WebOS based slate be an open challenge to the Apple iPad. So far there is a huge demand fr apple iPad. Apple iPad is not in stock in any apple store and you have to wait for 7-10 or every more business days to get one. Based on this one can see there is an big potential in the tablet computer market. iPad is a very cool product but not a perfect and have some areas which can be improved. Now it is the time for HP to learn a lesson from these iPad users experience and launch a better product to compete with the iPad. The highly demanded features include a camera, support for adobe flash and a usb port among many others. So HP should consider public demand before launch of its product.
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