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Zong Book Your Number Online

Today I visited the jang website http://www.jang.com.pk and looked at a flash animation advertisement  displaying the Zong Message to Book Your Desired Number Online.  I wonder still after the launch of Zong few months before they are still using the same marketing slogans and campaign. At this stage now when there are different serials available in Pakistan like 0300, 0312, 0313, 0304, 0321, 0322 with different operators I do not think that their would be a craze to get a desired number.
Well I am of this view that when every thing is digital and the person who wish to make a call to you have a phone book then why there is a need for special number? This seems to be a childish approach for ordinary public however it is understandable with the large business and cooperate entities to get their identity in the form of a unique and easy to acll number.

Anyhow other than the above criticism I like the technology behind online booking and reservation system. It is really suberp and was working fine untill the Pakistani Public have not abused it. But now almost all the numbers are registred with fack identities.

The link to ZONG official booking page is here

Also Find For New 0315 code here

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